So here is a list scraped from Twitter and following various other folk, of just a small taster of the workshops that ran during reInvent. As I find more I will update, and feel free to add yours in the comments (oh, and let me know if any of these are dead links)

Serverless - Serverless image process workshop - Amplify preductions workshop - Full stack serverless Amplify lab - Building secure APIs in the Cloud - Auth and Authorization flows in IOS apps - Building a modern application with CDK - Using SAM CLI workshop - Event driven workshop -

ECS workshop for Fargate - Amazon EKS workshop - Amazon Lightsail workshop - EC2 Spot Instance workshop - AWS Service Catalog workshop - **NET403: Amazon EKS and Kubernetes on EC2 Container Networking Workshop ** -

Realtime analytics for ride sharing workshop - Open Distro for Elasticsearch - AWS Alien Attack workshop -

Build, train, debug, deploy and monitor with Sagemaker - DeepComposer labs - Sagemaker Autopilot workshop -

IoT/Greengrass/Analytics/Edge - Voice Robotics workshop - AWS RoboMaker workshop - Sumarian workshop -

updated 15th December, thanks for the update Paavan M

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